Best 10 Places to Eat in Wailea

Best 10 Places to Eat in Wailea

  • Mick St John
  • 08/15/22

Hawaii has some of the most incredible and diverse cuisines in the world! And specifically in the heart of Wailea, you can find some amazing gems that will leave you feeling elated and satisfied If you're looking for the best Wailea restaurants, look no further! Here are our top picks in no particular order:


Island Gourmet Market


Starting off simple yet strong the Fresh Poke Bowls from Island Gourmet Market are some of my favorite across the island. The Spicy Ahi Poke is perfect for those who want the rich umami spice sitting upon a bed of fluffy white sticky rice. My personal favorite is the Hawaiian Ahi Poke Bowl being topped with Limu and Furikake Seasoning, and that goes great with Organic Lime Chips of any variety. While this is far from luxury, this sort of meal is one of the things that makes Maui special. You get a Poke Bowl, head to the beach, and enjoy the perfect tropical weather.




Spago's Hawaiian outpost is located at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, and it embraces the islands' culinary techniques while also offering local foods as well as Wolfgang's classics. Choose from the international wine list or try a creative take on a classic Hawaiian drink from the specialty cocktail menu to complement your meal. The Lanai dining room and cozy lounge, which are both casually elegant and have an Asian-inspired contemporary style, provide spectacular ocean views. With the expansive drink selection, the culinary masterpieces, and world-class service at Spago, you will be transported on a gourmet journey of delight. 


Kō Restaurant


Sugarcane, which is known as kō in Hawaiian, pays homage to the sugarcane plantation era when people from all over the world traveled to Hawaii to work in the fields. The plantation workers took foods, recipes, and cooking techniques from home but adapted them to suit local tastes. This culinary evolution eventually led to today's modern Hawaiian cuisine, which Kō presents in a beautiful way. Today, Executive Chef Jonathan Pasion leads the culinary masterpiece of Kō restaurant in Wailea. The expansive menu features island family recipes that have been passed down for generations - including Hawaiian, Chinese, Filipino, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese favorites. By utilizing the island's fresh produce, meat and seafood, Chef Pasion gives these authentic recipes a farm-fresh, contemporary twist. 


Ka'ana Kitchen 


Food is a significant element of traditional Hawaiian culture, and family-style eating at our delicious restaurant Ka'ana Kitchen on Maui offers some of the island's greatest fare. So grab your favorite people and share farm-to-table cuisine expertly prepared to pique your appetite for adventure. Local farmers, foragers, and locavores offer you some of the finest food on the island. The menu changes seasonally, so you can always expect something new and delicious. Allow yourself to be delighted with everything you find.




This is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Wailea, known for its fresh catch of the day. At our award-winning signature restaurant, surrounded by a beautiful beachfront lagoon, you may dine on exquisite Hawaiian cuisine and spectacular Pacific vistas. End your meal with a sunset toast before sampling fish and meat dishes made with the freshest island ingredients. Don't miss the coconut shrimp!




Gannon's Restaurant in Wailea, which was named one of the Top 100 Best Outdoor Dining Restaurants in America by The Daily Meal, is a celebration of the renowned meals for which Chef Beverly Gannon is best recognized from her award-winning Maui restaurants (Hali'imaile General and Joe's Bar & Grill), as well as innovative dishes inspired by Hawaii's fresh local ingredients. The outdoor lanai has panoramic ocean views and spectacular sunsets, while The Red Bar is always a lively gathering spot with a changing menu and live music every night.


Morimoto Maui 


Masaharu Morimoto, the world-renowned Japanese chef, has bridged the culinary traditions of his native Japan with those of America by bringing intense excitement, exquisite technique, and flawlessly balanced tastes to thousands of customers around the globe. He's received significant kudos for his seamless blend of Western and Japanese components, as well as for developing a unique style that puts him among today's most prominent chefs.

A modern Japanese beach house inspired the design concept for Morimoto Maui. From nearly every table in the restaurant and bar, guests may enjoy unobstructed 180-degree beach and ocean views, further connecting them to their surroundings through a tranquil, relaxing experience.


The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea


Discover the tastes of the islands in the alfresco dining room, with panoramic views of three islands. The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea showcases its artistry using local, seasonal produce from farmers and fishermen across the region. The cuisine at the resort is a fusion of island flavors and aromas, with dishes like coconut chicken soup and pan-roasted grouper. It is "culinary casual," meaning it showcases the best characteristics of the islands' colors, scents, and tastes.

Guests may choose their own three-course or four-course meal from a menu that appeals to all culinary preferences. The Restaurant at Hotel Wailea has panoramic ocean views from the upper terrace and intimate dining in the garden, located on the hillside above South Maui's Wailea resort area.


Humble Market Kitchen 


Roy Yamaguchi's Grandfather, Rokuro Yamaguchi, was a trailblazer who immigrated to Hawaii in the 1800s to work in the plantations. He subsequently developed into an outstanding entrepreneur and businessman, opening the Yamaguchi store (also known as the humble market kitchen) and several tavern-like eateries in Kihei and Wailuku. Roy spent his summers at the shop and created a dish menu inspired by his memories of growing up there.

Yamaguchi's grandfather frequently prepared delectable family meals with fresh fish caught from the beach, tiny shellfish gathered from the rocky shoreline, pork provided by a hunting expedition, and papaya and pineapple gathered from the backyard. Yamaguchi captures the sweet and savory tastes he remembers on the menu, as well as an assortment of dishes showcasing the range of vibrant flavors across California - with influences from countries including Japan, China, Portugal, Korea, and the Philippines.




The inspiration for LINEAGE came from family get-togethers that celebrated the diversity of natural ingredients and Maui cuisine. Our Chef Emmanuel Eng takes these creative traditions and further develops them with his innovative Asian-American dishes. Emmanuel Eng, or "Eman" to those close to him, was born in Portland, Oregon. His parents are of Chinese descent, originally from Hong Kong and Mainland China.

From a young age, he loved investigating his family's store cupboard which contained a plethora of intriguing Chinese cooking ingredients like star anise, Sichuan peppercorns, dried orange peel, and different types of soy sauce. He joined the LINEAGE team in early 2021 and is now sharing his culinary heritage with the locals of Wailea.


Bonus 11th!


Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman's

Monkeypod Kitchen by Merriman is a place where people can come to relax, enjoy some great food and beer, and be surrounded by friends. Monkeypod Kitchen was founded on a desire to create. Whether it's farming, cooking, brewing, art or design, we think that the greatest quality comes from hard work and passion, and they are committed to perfecting the culinary, alcoholic, and festive craft. At Monkeypod, they understand and appreciate the work of other artisans. By partnering with farmers, brewers, and artists who share our passions, they are able to deliver the best quality Hawaii has to offer.


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