More Hawaii Residents Are Buying Electric Vehicles

More Hawaii Residents Are Buying Electric Vehicles

  • Mick St John
  • 08/16/22

The number of electric vehicles on Hawaii roads has more than tripled in the past three years, according to new data from the state Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism. There were just over 600 EVs registered in the state in 2014. But by 2017, that number had jumped to more than 2000. And this trend is only expected to continue, with DBEDT projecting that there will be nearly 4000 EVs on Hawaii roads by 2020. There are a few factors driving this growth.

First, there's been a sharp decrease in the cost of EV batteries and other components in recent years. That's made EVs much more affordable for consumers. Second, Hawaii has some of the most aggressive climate change goals in the country, and electric vehicles are a key part of meeting those targets.

The state has set a goal of getting 50% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030, and EVs will play a big role in reaching that target. Finally, Hawaii's unique geography makes EVs a particularly attractive option. With the warm climate and long distances between populated areas, EVs can often outperform gas-powered cars in terms of range and efficiency.


Why People Are Making the Switch to Electric Vehicles

It's clear that electric vehicles have a lot of advantages over traditional gas-powered cars. They're more efficient, they emit less pollution, and they're better for the environment. But there are a few other reasons why electric vehicles are so great. First, electric vehicles are much cheaper to operate than gas-powered cars. The cost of electricity is much lower than the cost of gasoline, so you'll save money every time you charge up your EV.

Second, electric vehicles have much lower maintenance costs. There's no need to change the oil or tune up the engine, so you'll save money on those expenses as well. Finally, electric vehicles are just plain fun to drive! Just take a look at Tesla. They're quick and responsive, they have luxury features, and cutting-edge technology and they handle amazingly well thanks to their low center of gravity and design. If you're looking for a fun and exciting driving experience, an EV is the way to go, I myself ordered one and I can never go back now.

As more and more Hawaii residents are making the switch to electric vehicles, it will make prices of maintaining them come down as well. Having SuperChargers across the islands will not only lower the daily cost of usage, but it will greatly benefit the local environment thanks to lower carbon emissions and oil/gas spillage. As EV technology continues to improve, we can only expect this trend to continue and I'm sure everyone is very excited about this development.


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