Maui Wildfire Tragedy: A Call for Unity and Support

Maui Wildfire Tragedy: A Call for Unity and Support

  • Maggie Salerno
  • 08/26/23

Maui Wildfire Tragedy: A Call for Unity and Support

On the 8th of August, Maui was struck by an unimaginable tragedy. A massive wildfire outbreak led to the loss of numerous lives and forced thousands to evacuate. The once vibrant and historic Lahaina town now lies in ruins, with the communities of Lahaina and Up Country profoundly affected. The pain of losing homes, landscapes, memories, and lives is a burden that the entire community now bears.

Mick St John and his team are devastated by the impact of this disaster on the community. In these trying times, they are actively exploring ways to extend support to those affected. While the full extent of this crisis is still unfolding, their dedication to assisting in the recovery process remains steadfast. Their deep-rooted commitment to the community drives them to help in every possible way.

For those with questions, concerns, or needs, Mick St John's team urges you to reach out. They pledge to keep the community informed and will update their resources as new information becomes available.

Resources + Information:

  • HAWAIʻI FIRE RELIEF HOUSING PROGRAM: Providing housing opportunities for displaced Maui families.
  • Maui Disaster Response and Recovery Support: If you're affected and need assistance.
  • Maui Mutual Aid Guide: A comprehensive guide for aid.
  • Lahaina Ohana Venmo: Direct support for Lahaina families.

Donation Links:

  • Donate Directly to Families in Need: A verified document for direct donations.
  • Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement: Collaborating with Alakaʻina Foundation Family of Companies and Kākoʻo Haleakalā, they're matching donations up to $100,000 for Lahaina families and businesses. 
  • Hawai‘i Community Foundation Maui Strong Fund: Bolstering disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. 
  • Maui Humane Society: Assisting pets left homeless by the wildfires. 
  • Maui Food Bank: Supporting those who've lost everything. 
  • American Red Cross of Hawaii: Providing shelter and resources for those displaced.

For those affected by the fire: Mick St John's team is ready to offer advice and guidance. They've provided a ten-point checklist on how to present your homeowner’s claim. This includes contacting your insurance company, requesting policy details, and understanding the claim process. It's essential to be informed and prepared during these challenging times.

Remember, in the face of adversity, the strength and unity of the Maui community will shine through.

Navigating the Aftermath: Steps to Recovery

For those who have been directly affected by the wildfire, the road to recovery can be overwhelming. Here are some additional steps and considerations to keep in mind:

1. Safety First: Before returning to your property, ensure that local authorities have declared the area safe. There may be hidden dangers such as hot spots, unstable structures, or downed power lines.

2. Document Everything: Take photographs and videos of the damage for insurance claims and personal records. This will be crucial evidence when discussing compensation with your insurance company.

3. Seek Emotional Support: Traumatic events can have lasting emotional impacts. Consider seeking counseling or joining support groups to cope with the emotional aftermath of the disaster.

4. Stay Informed: Regularly check local news outlets, community bulletins, and official websites for updates on relief efforts, available resources, and rebuilding initiatives.

5. Rebuilding and Repair: If you decide to rebuild or repair your property, ensure you work with licensed contractors. Beware of scams that often arise in the wake of disasters.

6. Community Initiatives: Engage with community-led initiatives and programs. These often provide resources, workshops, and support for affected individuals and families.

7. Financial Assistance: Look into federal, state, and local relief funds or grants that might be available to help with recovery costs.

8. Legal Assistance: If you face challenges with insurance claims or other legal matters, consider seeking legal advice. Some local organizations might offer pro bono services in the wake of disasters.

9. Stay Connected: Maintain communication with neighbors and community members. Sharing resources, information, and experiences can be mutually beneficial.

10. Future Preparedness: Consider taking measures to protect your property from future disasters. This might include creating defensible spaces, using fire-resistant building materials, or developing a comprehensive evacuation plan.

In these trying times, the spirit of aloha and the resilience of the Maui community will undoubtedly shine through. Together, with collective efforts and unwavering support, Maui will rebuild and emerge stronger than before. Mick St John and his team remain committed to standing by the community every step of the way.

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